Dear Colleagues and Friends, EUMS 2023 will take place in Paris from Sept 3rd – 6th, 2023. After a few years of date instability mainly due to the COVID crisis, the EUMS board decided to stabilize the agenda to the first week of September. Even if we understand that many of you will miss Paris at Christmas time, we are sure you will enjoy the French capital's softness and tranquillity at that time. Moreover, rugby fans will be at the right place to follow the rugby world cup, which will start on September 8th in Paris with the France-New Zeeland game. Last year in Hannover, the EUMS group headed by Jan Schmitto experienced a very active conference, bringing together more than 600 caregivers, engineers and other specialists involved in the field of advanced heart failure and mechanical circulatory support. The 2023 meeting will start on Sunday, Sept. 3rd in the afternoon with two major events: 4 EUMS Academy workshops in parallel with advanced courses addressing temporary support, LVAD complication management, R&D engineering and VAD coordinator work, followed by a 2 hours rapid-fire abstract session. Then we will have two and half days of different session formats: key leader presentations, meet the expert, round table discussions, innovation overview…

Of course, a nice Parisian dinner will be proposed.
As usual, the main objective of the meeting is to facilitate experience exchange, knowledge sharing, networking, science, questioning, and collaborative work between cardiologists, intensivists, surgeons, electrophysiologists, VAD coordinators, nurses, engineers, and industry representatives. You will also have the opportunity to discuss with the most famous experts in the field.
As many of you already know, Paris EUMS gives high importance to temporary support and we will discuss and debate percutaneous LVAD, ECMO, temporary BIVAD… A special session will be dedicated to temporary respiratory support.
Of course, advanced heart failure management with the most recent evolutions will be addressed and a full session will focus on the interface between electrophysiology, CRT, novel technologies and short- and long-term MCS trying to fill the therapeutic and communication gap between the two fields.
Over the last few years, the MSC field underwent a huge modification particularly with a dramatic reduction of game players and a worldwide shrinking of implantation numbers despite the expected increase in the market. We will favour an interactive discussion between several important game players from caregivers to business specialists trying to understand the reasons for the recent slowing down but also how to solve the ongoing lack of confidence in the therapy from many cardiologists as well as financial issues. Heterogeneity in the outcome, improved management and best practices standards will also be addressed at the upcoming EUMS conference in Paris.
Technical issues related to the growing field of GUCH will be discussed and we will have KOL debating interactive complex cases. Finally, we will look toward the future with innovation, update sessions and also with EUMS task expansion.
Year after year, we worked all together to make EUMS the most active place to improve global knowledge in MCS. We are looking forward to welcoming you to EUMS 2023 and we hope you will enjoy sharing with us this fascinating field in one of the most beautiful towns in the world.