Dear Ladies and Gentlemen,

Dear Colleagues and

Dear Friends of Heart Medicine,




The upcoming EUMS-Conference is going to become a


and will take place in

Hannover, Germany from

Sept 11th – 14th, 2024.


After several highly successful EUMS meetings, notably the past two editions (EUMS-2022 in Hannover and EUMS-2023 in Paris), the EUMS meeting has become THE most exciting event in the field of end stage heart failure!

Over the last few years, the EUMS has emerged as the leading platform for showcasing novel innovations, setting standards for best practices and fostering interdisciplinary treatment strategies in the field of advanced heart failure!

Consequently, the EUMS-Board has chosen to focus the upcoming 2024 conference with the following goals:


– Highlighting best practices

– Embracing interdisciplinary approaches

– Ensuring international perspectives

– Encouraging intervention strategies

– Promoting interactive engagements

– Fostering innovation


Alongside the latest development this year, triggered by the goal to improve the quality and standards of the conference and advance the science, MAYO Clinic, Rochester, USA, has joined as a EUMS partner. This partnership will facilitate our long-term goal to improve understanding and acceptance of Mechanical Circulatory Support therapy as a therapy for end-stage heart failure.

Last year in Paris, the EUMS group headed by Pascal LePrince hosted a very active conference, bringing together more than 500 caregivers, engineers and specialists involved in the field of advanced heart failure and mechanical circulatory support.

The EUMS-Mayo-Hannover-Heart-Conference-2024 will start on Wednesday, September 11th and will end on Saturday, September 14th.

The Hannover MCS Team is also offering the opportunity to visit the MCS program at Hannover Medical School right before and/or after the EUMS-Mayo-Hannover-Meeting (e.g. Monday-Tuesday September 9th/10th or Sept. 16th).

The main objective of the Joint-EUMS-Mayo-Hannover-Heart-Conference-2024 is to facilitate the exchange in experiences, sharing of knowledge, networking, scientific discourse, questioning, and promoting collaborative efforts between cardiologists, intensivists, cardiac surgeons, electrophysiologists, VAD coordinators, nurses, engineers, and industry representatives. Participants and faculty will have the opportunity to discuss and interact with the most experienced experts in the field.

There will be a full session focusing on the interface between electrophysiology, novel technologies and short- and long-term MCS and how to fill the therapeutic and communication gap between the two fields.

In recent years the MSC field has undergone significant changes and in particular a dramatic reduction of companies in the MCS sector, alongside a global decline in the number of implantations despite the continuous growth in the population of patients requiring such support.. We will encourage interactive discussions between industry and caregivers to gain insight into the reasons for the recent decrease in numbers and how to address the ongoing and pervasive lack of confidence in MCS therapy among many cardiologists as well as the pertinent financial concerns. How to improve management and the establishment of best practices will be a priority at the upcoming EUMS conference in Hannover.

Technical issues related to the growing field of GUCH will also be discussed alongside interactive debates led by KOLs discussing on complex cases. Finally, we will look towards the future with innovations, update sessions and also with EUMS task expansion.

Our consistent mission has been to work together to make EUMS the most active forum to improve global knowledge in MCS.

We are looking forward to welcoming you to EUMS-Mayo-Hannover-Heart-Conference 2024 and look forward to your participation.


Aly ElBanayosy | Sudhir Kushwaha | Pascal LePrince | Jan D. Schmitto | Daniel Zimpfer


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Join us for an unforgettable experience as we gather to explore this fascinating field of mechanical circulatory support.

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